In House Diagnostics at The Veterinary Surgery


Both of our clinics are well equipped to aid our vets to reach an accurate and rapid diagnosis.Β 

Sometimes, to fully understand your animal’s health, our vets will need more information than can be obtained from a physical examination and from the discussion with you that takes place during a consultation. Further information may involve an analysis of blood, urine, body fluids or tissues, or by utilising medical imaging such as x-ray and ultrasound. Our vets will be able to undertake most of this analysis on site at our Yarrambat and North Warrandyte clinics.


Digital X-Rays

We may recommend x-rays for your animal if we require a better understanding of the health of bones, joints and internal organs. The x-ray facilities in both our clinics instantaneously generate digital x-ray images that our vets can evaluate to guide recommendations on the best treatment options. Some examples of cases where x-rays may be recommended include dogs and cats with breathing difficulties, horses with dental problems and just about any species with mobility issues.


Ultrasonography is particularly good for enabling our vets to visualise the soft tissues of the body. In dog and cat medicine, we commonly use our ultrasound machines to assess organs within the abdominal and chest cavities. Examples of cases for which ultrasound is informative include dogs and cats with urinary issues, horses with tendon injuries, and just about any species for pregnancy diagnosis! Both our clinics offer on site ultrasound. Where appropriate, ultrasound can also be performed on your horse at your property.


The collection of blood, fluid or tissue samples from your animal can add to the information we collect through our discussion with you, and the observations we make during a physical exam. Rest assured that our vets and nurses have great strategies for collecting samples in a pain-free and stress-free manner. Examples of cases for which pathology is useful include dogs and cats with skin complaints or sore ears; animals that are vomiting, have diarrhoea or are losing weight; and animals that have urinary issues. Occasionally, we will recommend that samples be collected from your animal even if it does not appear at all unwell, to give us reassurance that we can safely proceed with a routine procedure such as a dental under anaesthesia.Β 

Both the Yarrambat and North Warrandyte clinics are equipped with an in-house laboratory, which means we can test blood, urine and tissue samples right here in-house. This helps in achieving quick results, so we can make informed decisions about your pet’s veterinary care. Where more specialised laboratory analysis is required, samples may be sent to external veterinary laboratories. Our vets communicate closely with laboratory professionals to ensure that the right testing is performed and that you are informed of results and recommendations promptly.

Occasionally, an animal may require specialised diagnostics that we do not offer at our clinics such as an MRI scan, cardiac echocardiography, fluoroscopy or scintigraphy. Our practice has excellent relationships with specialists in every field of veterinary medicine, diagnostics and surgery. Our vets will ensure that you are presented with all options for your animal.

For any enquiries about the diagnostic facilities at The Veterinary Surgery, please contact us.

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